2_10_24 Weekend Update

2_10_24 Weekend Update

February 10, 2024

Stock Market Activity Summary (Feb 6th - Feb 10th, 2024):

Overall: The market closed the week strong, with major indexes experiencing significant gains. Optimism about positive corporate earnings and a "soft landing" scenario fueled a broad rally.

  • S&P 500 (SPX): Up 2.86% (5,026.61), reaching a new all-time high and erasing losses from the previous week.
  • Russell 2000 (RUT): Up 1.23% (2,104.20), showing improved performance compared to the previous week.

Sector Performance:

  • Technology: Strong gains across most tech sectors, with companies like Apple, Alphabet, and Nvidia leading the charge.
  • Healthcare: Continued positive momentum driven by solid earnings reports.
  • Financials: Modest gains, erasing some of the previous week's losses.
  • Energy: Mixed performance, with some companies benefiting from a slight rebound in oil prices.

Major Market Moving Announcements:

  • Positive Corporate Earnings: Companies like Tesla, PayPal, and Meta Platforms exceeded expectations, boosting investor confidence in the technology sector and broader economy.
  • Earnings Guidance: Positive revisions to future earnings forecasts further added to market optimism.

Upcoming Market Movers (Week of Feb 12th - Feb 18th, 2024):


  • Consumer Price Index (CPI): Released Feb 14th, this key inflation report will be closely watched for signs of progress in controlling rising prices.
  • Producer Price Index (PPI): Released Feb 16th, this report measures inflation at the wholesale level and can provide insights into future consumer price movements.

Major Company Earnings:

  • Nvidia (NVDA): Feb 22nd
  • Qualcomm (QCOM): Feb 15th
  • Spotify (SPOT): Feb 22nd

Other potential catalysts: Geopolitical developments, economic data releases, and corporate news.

Note: This is a non-exhaustive list, and unforeseen events could also impact the market.