Harness the Growing Potential of SPX & RUT Index & stock options trading – with Premier Options Trading Education at SJG Trades.

Maximize Your Options Trading Knowledge in a Rapidly Growing Market with SJG Trades

The world of trading is expanding rapidly, with countless traders discovering the benefits of options trading. Don't be left behind in this market. SJG Trades offers the ticket to not just participate but thrive in this growing industry. Dive into our expertly crafted courses, experience the precision of live video trading alerts, and empower yourself with the knowledge to enhance your financial future. It's more than just education – it's your opportunity to learn effective trading techniques for any market.

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Ready To Unlock The Blueprint for Consistent Success in Options Trading in Up, Down, or Sideways Markets

Options trading is growing rapidly, offering significant opportunities to increase earnings.  If you're a seasoned trader, it's an ideal time to refine techniques. Missed a good trade? We'll help minimize that. New to trading? Don't worry; the potential is huge, and we've got free guidance to get you started.

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SJGTrades: Tailored Solutions for Every Options Trader

At SJGTrades, we understand the unique challenges faced by both the seasoned trader seeking to refine strategies and the beginner keen to understand the basics. Our offerings are meticulously designed to serve as the beacon in your options trading journey.

Comprehensive Courses

Spanning from foundational concepts to advanced trading strategies, catering to both new and experienced traders.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Watch a pro trade in real time with each video alert. 3-5/week on average.

Expert-Led Coaching

Individualized sessions with a trading expert with over 30 years of experience, ensuring personalized guidance.

Premium Trading Community

A platform where traders can connect, share insights, and grow collectively.

Trade with Knowledge and a Video Alerts Community at Your Side

With SJGTrades, you're not just learning—you're thriving. Tapping into Steve Ganz's deep knowledge of 30+ years in trading, we equip you with the insights to stay ahead in a dynamic market. Dive into a community driven by ambition, supported by experience, and united by the pursuit of options trading knowledge.

Decades of Real-World Experience: Under the leadership of Steve Ganz, SJGTrades brings over 30 years of hands-on trading wisdom. It's not just theory; it's practice, refined through time.

Holistic Trading Education: From basic to intricate options strategies, our courses span the breadth and depth of trading. Both novices and professionals find value here.

Tailored Coaching: Unlike many platforms offering generic advice, we focus on individualized coaching. You get direct access to seasoned professionals, ensuring your unique challenges are addressed.

A Premium Trading Community: Beyond courses and coaching, SJGTrades fosters an active community where traders exchange insights, strategies, and support, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Commitment to Trader Growth: At SJGTrades, the end goal isn't just to offer courses but to see traders succeed. Our measure of success is when you fire me and go out on your own.

Continuous Evolution: The world of trading is dynamic, and so are we. Our courses, strategies, and insights evolve in tandem with market shifts, ensuring relevancy and effectiveness.

In a sea of trading education sites, SJGTrades stands out with authenticity, expertise, and dedication. Choose us and experience a trading education that truly makes a difference.

Real Success Stories from SJGTrades Members

The index service Group is great and the butterfly course was a really good start for me and I now better understand about why you put on the different type of flies
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Hi everyone! This is Luis, I am a computer engineer based in Miami Florida looking to make a career change to trading full time within one year hopefully (two years max).I have taken classes with Steve before and not only is he a great person he is also great...


Brilliant Steve!

I love your trading style, explanations and mentoring/coaching!


After taking courses with other providers, I realized I didn't fully understand some trades and adjustments, especially when things went wrong. So I took Steve's BWB course to fill in the gaps. Steve's teaching style is relaxed yet thorough, making sure...
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I have been a student for just a week, but I did not see such transparency before. There are just a few traders that will show P/L and their trades. I really appreciate it and it will build confidence in the trading. Even in the first week, I made some profits....


Thank you for putting out the great butterfly classes over the past year - they've helped me tremendously and I'm now able to break away from purely rules-based theta trading, towards a more discretionary approach. I really appreciate the effort that...


Thank you Steve, I'm really enjoying your BWB Course and Alert Service. I've learned more than I have in the last 40 years.


Your One-Stop Shop for Options Trading Mastery: Courses Crafted for Every Trader

In the dynamic world of options trading, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. Whether you're a seasoned trader aiming to hone advanced strategies or a beginner looking for a solid foundation, our educational resources offer insights and guidance for all skill levels. Explore a range of offerings designed to power every trader, no matter where they are in their journey.

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Deep Dive Butterfly Trading Strategy Class

Delve deep into Butterfly Options Trading with over 7 hours of intensive learning. Understand entry strategies, butterfly trade variations, and market adjustments. Get unparalleled insights and direct access to the instructor for queries.

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Deep Dive Calendars & Diagonals Strategy Class

In addition to learning the nuances of putting on the trades, we will spend 8 hours digging into up and down adjustments as well as the best potential to use around earnings.

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Options Trading for Beginners

Start your options trading journey on the right foot. This comprehensive 10 hour class covers everything from basic terminology to popular trading strategies. Understand the intricacies of Long Calls, Puts, Iron Condors, Bull Spreads, and more.

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Trading Community Subscription Service & Video Alerts

Receive live trade alerts and insights, focusing on delta neutral trades like condors, butterflies, and calendars. Enhance your trading prowess with insights on prominent indexes like SPX, RUT, and popular ETFs like SPY and QQQ.

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Coaching Session

Whether you're a trading novice or a seasoned professional feeling something's amiss, personalized coaching can be the key. Steve Ganz emphasizes creating a robust "Trading Plan," ensuring traders chart their course with confidence and clarity.

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5 Butterfly Trades - Sample Walkthrough

Get quick exposure to butterfly trades in SPX with this one-hour walkthrough video.

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5 Calendar Trades - Sample Walkthrough

Explore the world of Time Spread (Calendar) trades in this comprehensive two-hour video.

Steve Ganz: Guiding Traders Through Decades of Experience

Steve Ganz brings over three decades of hands-on experience in the trading industry, having immersed himself in stocks, commodities, futures, indexes, and options alike. An adept educator, Steve has led live trading sessions and shared his insights on platforms like Aeromir, OptionAlpha, and OptionStrat. Through SJGTrades, Steve extends his commitment to quality trading education, aspiring to build a community where traders grow in skill and confidence.

Explore SJGTrades and tap into the wealth of knowledge Steve offers, ensuring every trader feels both supported and empowered.

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